Kingsreach Canine Counselling


Does your dog…….

  • Jump up?
  • Soil the house?
  • Hate going to the vet?
  • Refuse to come when called?
  • Bark incessantly?
  • Destroy the house if left alone?
  • Show aggressive behaviour towards dogs or people?
  • Refuse to listen to you?
  • Annoy your visitors?
  • Dig up the garden?
  • Upset the neighbours?
  • Pull on the lead?
  • Travel badly?
  • Dislike children?
  • Have problems in the showring?

Canine Behaviour Therapy

This is a means of changing aspects of our dogs’ behaviour by understanding why they are doing certain things and then helping them to understand what we would prefer them to do.

As human beings we very often interpret our dogs’ behaviour by our own social and behavioural standards. We expect them to understand our point of view and our values. As dogs they are totally incapable of this! Lack of understanding between dogs and humans is generally the reason that things go wrong and that dogs develop the very behavioural traits that we would wish to avoid.

Learning what it is that makes our dogs “tick” and how they interpret the ways in which we live and communicate with them is the first step in understanding how to achieve acceptable standards of behaviour from them – not by forcing or bullying – but by setting out clearly defined guidelines and giving signals that dogs understand to show what we want.

Whatever the problem you are experiencing with your dog, behavioural therapy could help you find the answer!

Children and dogs can learn to live in harmony

Children and dogs can learn to live in harmony