Ross Training Class

Puppy Training at Tudorville Community Centre Ross on Wye Mondays 7PM-8PM

Seven week Puppy Course  This course is strictly limited to eight puppies.

Puppy Raising Made Easy

A seven week course for which the fee is payable on the first day of class. It is for vaccinated puppies who are under twenty weeks of age when class commences. The course covers all the basics your puppy needs to prepare him or her for a happy life with you. The training is ‘clicker’ based which is a quick, easy and clear method of helping your puppy understand what you want him to learn. Puppies are rewarded for good behaviour and correct responses. Don’t let the thought of using a clicker put you off – if you don’t get on with it after the first couple of weeks we will use an alternative. NO harsh or forceful methods are employed or allowed and everything is designed to make you and your puppy work in harmony.

During the course you and your puppy will learn to settle, watch, sit, down, stand, come, stay, leave, walk nicely and greet people politely. You will also be taught to understand your puppy’s behaviour and how dogs think and learn.


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